Note: The old format I was using took about 6 hours per game, and seemed to be way longer than the stuff from paid publications. That leads me to believe that the previous format was a bit much for most readers to digest, and might not fit in a portfolio. As a result, I’m trying to mimic the less detail focused style going forward. Please do send any feedback regarding my old style vs this new one either via either facebook (for those coming from there), twitter (@munchelloo), or the wordpress comments. Thanks! 

The night kicked off with a fight for parity, between group A’s Meta Athena and MVP Infinity. While Meta Athena went in with a victory over BK Stars, MVP were down 0-1 in the standings, due to a loss to EnvyUS. As a result, Meta Athena aimed to solidify themselves at the top, while MVP looked to bring themselves back into the running.

The action started out strong, as the two rookie squads traded  blows throughout the first two maps of Ilios. MVP managed to get good starts on both rounds thanks to superior coordination between their back and front lines. Despite MVP’s early footholds, Meta Athena took hold of the game in both rounds, once ultimates were charged. Thanks to team-wide graviton surges from Hoon’s signature Zarya, Meta Athena were able to regain control, and hold long enough to come back in both rounds.

Game two was a slightly more one-sided affair on Numbani. Although both teams experimented slightly with team comps, Meta Athena tried to play more aggressively, while MVP Infinity fielded more standard lineups. MVP struggled at times during their attack, but were able to push the payload just short of the final point. On the other hand, Meta Athena seemed indecisive during their siege, as Libero was constantly changing between heroes. After none of their choices were particularly fruitful, Meta Athena were shut out on the first point, giving the game to MVP.

Game 3 was another fierce tug of war on Hanamura. Even with the considerable advantage to defending teams on assault maps, both teams managed to take both points in the first round, albeit at different speeds. In Meta Athena’s case, a struggle for point A was followed by a quick take on B, leaving them with ample time in the bank. As for MVP Infinity, they secured A much quicker than their opponents, but had to go into overtime to take control of B. Meta Athena were able to take the map in time bank, thanks to a quadruple kill from Hoon’s Zarya.

MVP came back with a vengeance on Route 66,  as they demolished Meta Athena’s defense. The payload was almost never stopped, save for a short hold in the streets phase, off the back of a heroic high noon quadra kill, from SayaPlayer’s McCree. On defense, MVP’s superior form continued, as Meta Athena were never allowed past the map’s first choke point.

The final game was another swing in momentum, as Meta Athena bounced back. After stopping the opposing push just short of the second checkpoint, Libero and Hoon attacked with a Hanzo and Widowmaker pair. Using his quick reflexes and sharp aim, Hoon helped his team tear through the streets phase, resulting in a decisive 2-1 end to the map, and a 3-2 end to the series.

Cover photo via OGN GLOBAL (



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