Note: The old format I was using took about 6 hours per game, and seemed to be way longer than the stuff from paid publications. That leads me to believe that the previous format was a bit much for most readers to digest, and might not fit in a portfolio. As a result, I’m trying to mimic the less overly detail focused style going forward. If I do stick with this style in the future, I’ll use the extra time to experiment with implementing pictures, in order to make a more pleasant reading experience. Please do send any feedback regarding my old style vs this new one either via either facebook (for those coming from there), twitter (@munchelloo), or the wordpress comments. Thanks! 


In their second games of the tournament, group B’s LuxuryWatch Blue and Lunatic Hai played a rematch of IEM Gyeonggi’s grand finals, which LuxuryWatch had won a month prior. Although LW had taken the win during their previous encounter, both squads were considered contenders for the crown of best Korean team, alongside Kongdoo Panthera. As a result of their respective reputations, nobody was quite sure who to pick as the winners going in.

The first game of the match took place on Oasis, where Flow3r soared on Pharah. Due to a questionable choice of Mercy over Ana from Lunatic Hai, Flow3r’s Pharah went unchecked in the first and third rounds. Although Lunatic Hai managed to keep him down with a McCree pick during the second round, LW’s Pharah was given  dominion over the skies during the other two. Flow3r was like a hawk throughout both rounds, surveying his prey from above, then wiping them out in the  blink of an eye, with his pinpoint missile accuracy. Due to their opponents’ unwillingness to adapt to their oppressive Pharah pick, LW Blue took map 1 in a commanding fashion.

Game 2 was a battle between star players, as Ryujehong switched back to his signature Ana for  Kings’ Row. Lunatic Hai’s all-star Ana wasted no time getting back into his groove, landing crucial sleep darts in every fight. With key targets removed in each fight, Lunatic Hai swept the seemingly constant 5v6 fights. Not wanting to be outdone by the enemy sniper, Flower brought out Hanzo for his team’s attack, and delivered another extraordinary performance, reminiscent of his Pharah play on Oasis. Lunatic Hai’s stars continued to step  up in the time bank round, as both Miro’s signature Winston, and Ryujehong’s trademark Ana took to the stage. With the round on the line, both players pulled out stunning multi kills in seemingly lost situations, earning their team the win.

With the wind in their sails, Lunatic Hai continued to cruise towards victory on Temple of Anubis. Even with a player like Ryujehong on his team, Tobi was the star of Lunatic Hai’s defense, thanks to his impeccable stall tactics. Despite getting wiped out (save for their Lucio, who managed to stay out of fire) near the end of LuxuryWatch’s turn on attack, Lunatic Hai were able to hold out on point B, thanks to Tobi, who kept himself wall riding far above point B, out of the enemy’s reach. For their turn on attack, Ryujehong and co. all went for comfort picks, taking the first point near instantaneoously. Although their siege on the second point was more drawn out, it too was an eventual success, earning them the win on Temple of Anubis.

The fourth and final game was yet another tour de force from Lunatic Hai, who managed to escort the payload in record time. After looking to be in dire straits following a full push from LuxuryWatch Blue, Lunatic Hai proved their mettle, by ending a full push of their own with 3:30 to go. Having nearly never left the payload, the Korean All-stars had an easy time in the time bank section, and took the map in their most dominant showing of the night.

Cover photo via OGN GLOBAL (


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