Game Recap

In the second of Monday’s games, two of season 1’s under performers faced off. Having both gone 1-3 in their debut seasons, the two teams looked to get early wins against other underdogs, in the hopes of improving their results for season 2.

Although Flash Lux placed third compared to RunAway’s fourth in the last season, they were also the only amateur team in the tournament, making off season practice slightly harder. On the other hand, RunAway were coming in with an undefeated new roster, looking better than ever. Due to this discrepancy in infrastructure, most fans who even cared about the match up predicted RunAway to take it.

Map 1: Oasis

The first game’s action kicked off before the teams even left spawn, as Haksal and Weeso rushed to build turrets on Torbjorn, as  both teams cycled through various defense heroes that they had no intention of playing. Once the parade of Junkrats and Bastions finally settled down, the two teams were both running a core of Winston, Tracer, Pharah, and Lucio. Seeing how quickly he could build a Torbjorn turret, Haksal’s team chose to let him put his reflexes to the test on Genji, alongside an Ana. On the other side, Weeso left his turret unfinished, as his team rounded out their lineup with and Ana. After a productive 30 seconds in spawn, the two squads set out to capture the City Center.

Runaway’s 3 DPS comp started things off on the right foot, taking the first fight thanks to an airborne Pharah kill from Haksal’s Genji. With the skies now cleared up, KoX’s Pharah was free to barrage Flash Lux’s squishy members from above, leading to an overall 5 for 1. RunAway’s 3 DPS players continued to cover all angles of approach, completely shutting down early engagement attempts from their opponents.

The first true challenge to RunAway’s reign came as they closed in on 50% control, as all 4 of the mobile enemy members launched themselves forward. Unfazed by the early loss of his only tank, Stitch’s Tracer outgunned both Veil’s mirrored Tracer, and Modern’s Winston. As his cohort set himself to work on the ground, Haksal sliced’s mech in two using a nano blade combo. He then took to the skies using his hero’s mobility, and delivered another airborne death to Fleta’s Pharah. Seeing that his teammate was more than in control of the airspace on Genji, KoX decided to help out on the ground, and changed from Pharah to Soldier.

Flash Lux finally managed to wrestle back control in overtime, as Runaway became overconfident and spread across the map. After working as a unit to hunt down the individual members, the underdog squad were able to secure the point, and hold for 20%. Unfortunately for Fleta and his friends, Haksal and KoX promptly returned, with ultimates active. Using the combined damage of Soldier 76’s tactical visor, and Genji’s dragon blade, the two DPS players secured both the objective and the round.

The action continued at Oasis’ University, where the two squads opted to run nearly identical heroes once again. While  both teams went for cores of Reinhardt, Zarya, Tracer, Lucio, and Ana, they seemed to have different ideas for their final DPS picks. On Runaway’s side, the choice was a clear Genji for Haksal, considering his prowess in the last round. As for Flash Lux, Fleta was taken off of Pharah and put onto the sturdier Roadhog, in hopes of better punishing Haksal’s aggressive plays.

The first engagement started with Flash Lux looking good, but ended up going downhill fast. Although Veil started the fight with the first kill, and Shine landed a great sleep dart on Haksal’s mid-ultimate Genji, Stitch’s Tracer was the first to charge their pulse bomb. Wasting no time, Stitch was able to pick up the slack from his sleeping teammate, and kill two of Flash Lux’s members off the back of his quickly charged ultimate. The fight was entirely in RunAway’s favor from that point onward, leading to an easy 30% for them.

Flash Lux first attempted to come back to the point as their opponents reached 32%, but their assault only added insult to injury. As soon as their squad locked eyes with RunAway’s, all six of Flash Lux’s members were caught in a team-wiping earth shatter from Kaiser’s Reinhardt.

The now floundering Flash Lux tried to approach the point once again at 50%, but were thwarted yet again. Although they found another promising start to the fight, 1v1 losses by both supports resulted in another failed attack.

The game ended with RunAway pushing towards the enemy spawn, this time wiping them out with a combo of graviton surge and dragon blade. With most of his teammates down, Unis attempted to get a miraculous stall into overtime, using Lucio’s vertical mobility. Unfortunately for Flash Lux, their support’s attempt was denied immediately, closing the lid on their coffin for the first map.

Map 2: Eichenwalde

The next match took place on Eichenwalde, with RunAway started on attack. Runaway chose to start their assault by returning to their 3 DPS comp of Winston, Pharah, Tracer, Genji, Lucio, and Ana. Since they were defending, Flash Lux went for a much less dive focused 2/2/2 of Reinhardt, Zarya, Pharah, Soldier 76, Ana, and Lucio.

The first minute and a half of action saw a back and forth battle for the point, with Fleta now outplaying KoX in the Pharah mirror. In response to his shortcomings, KoX changed up his team’s third DPS, going for McCree first, and Soldier shortly after.

As KoX’s soldier rejoined his team, RunAway committed their dragon blade, sound barrier, pulse bomb and nano boost, all to ensure that Haksal and Stitch could sweep the enemy team. RunAway’s ultimate commitments were backed up by Shine’s Ana providing both excellent healing and an early solo kill on Pharah. With their airborne predator out of the way, Stitch and Haksal decimated their foes. With the payload now in their charge, RunAway had 4:30 to bring it to the next objective.

Following the first point’s capture, Flash lux traded Pharah for Roadhog. Meanwhile, RunAway’s Tracer was changed to Widowmaker. After Flash lux won the ensuing clash with 4 kills to 0, the Widowmaker became a McCree.

Flash Lux continued to hold for the short term, thanks to Fleta’s Roadhog getting picks on both Haksal’s Genji and Stitch’s McCree. After experiencing how much Roadhog could accomplish first hand, Stitch decided to mirror the enemy’s pick.

RunAway’s snail’s pace push started to kick into gear with 2:40 to go, as they countered an enemy nano boost with not only one of their own, but a dragon blade and tactical visor in addition. With three ultimates committed against the enemy’s one, RunAway’s DPS duo were met with little opposition. Following his death, Flash Lux traded Soldier for McCree, hoping that the different choice of hit scan DPS would spice up their composition.

The next contest took place in front of the castle gates, with 1:52 left. Flash Lux were better prepared for their opponents’ aggression this time around, resulting in a great earth shatter denial by Weeso’s Reinhardt. Although Weeso and his team made easy pickings of the majority of RunAway’s members, Stitch stayed alive through it all, slowly separating and killing his opponents. As Stitch continued his heroics, his teammates started to trickle back to the fight. With the numbers moving increasingly into their favor, RunAway ended up with another won fight, and their payload within the stronghold walls.

Flash Lux attempted to stall out the final point with changes from McCree and Roadhog to Mei and Tracer, but their attempts were stuffed by a nano boosted whole hog from Stitch. With the enemy scattered, Haksal struck with yet another nano blade, finishing the job with 1:05 left.

Flash Lux decided to try their hands at a 3 DPS comp of Winston, Pharah, Genji, Tracer, Lucio, an Ana for their turn on attack, while RunAway defended with a 3 tank comp of Reinhardt, Zarya, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Lucio, and Ana.

Flash Lux started out slow, but finally found an opening with 1:30 remaining. Fleta’s Pharah started out with an impressive 3 kills, earning his team an unopposed 2/3 ticks. Unfortunately for Fleta and friends, Stitch’s Tracer returned in the nick of time, and managed to stall out for his team’s respawns. With both teams back in the fight, a drawn out brawl ensured. The standstill was finally brought to an end in overtime, thanks to a triple kill from Kaiser’s Reinhardt. With another convincing victory for RunAway, it was starting to look like they had Flash Lux’s number going in to map 3.

Map 3: Temple of Anubis

Considering the fast paced stress of the first two games, it was no surprise that Flash Lux went for a relaxing trip to Temple of Anubis, for the third game. They chose to attack on an aggressive 2/2/2 of, Winston, Genji, Widowmaker, Lucio, and Ana, versus RunAway’s Reinhardt, Pharah, Torbjorn, Symmetra, Lucio, and Ana.

Flash Lux made their way to the first point near-instantaneously, thanks to two early kills from Veil’s Widowmaker. From there, Fleta and Modern’s diving duo of Genji and Winston melted the remaining defenders. Thanks to their early conquest over the first point, Flash Lux were given 7:30 to work with while trying to take the second.

With RunAway’s builder comp easily dismantled, Torbjorn, Symmetra, and Pharah were turned into Tracer, Genji, and Zarya. On the other side, Flash Lux’s Widowmaker became a Pharah.

As Flash Lux traveled to the next point, the camera  switched to two fans holding a sign that rad “Flash Lux have strength” in Korean. Although he couldn’t see the sign Fleta tried to make good on their encouragement, by assaulting the point with his dragon blade. The attempt started out well, with 3 kills going to Flash Lux, but was turned by the enemy Zarya. Using his barriers, Stitch’s Zarya managed to prevent further damage, while stalling for Haksal’s arrival. Once he’d returned to the fight, Haksal made quick work of the enemy Genji and As his was happening, KoX’s Tracer also took down Veil’s Pharah. Having been shown up by his counterpart, Fleta changed from Genji to Roadhog for the next assault.

With five minutes remaining, Flash Lux flanked from the right, but were caught off guard by Stitch’s graviton surge. Despite taking Haksal out and surviving their initial hardship, the Temple’s fast spawns meant that Flash Lux couldn’t celebrate for long. Moments after going down, Haksal came back with his sword in hand, massacring the competition once more. Following the fight, Flash Lux traded Pharah for McCree in order to counter Haksal’s monstrous Genji, but their switch was anticipated, as Haksal switched to Mei.

The suffering continued for Flash Lux, as RunAway started to show off. By the time the timer was down to two minutes, the entire RunAway roster were bullying their opponents all the way back to point A. Flash Lux’s aggressors didn’t let up, rounding out the seven long minutes without any progress made.

RunAway started their assault in a clearly confident form, choosing to run a similar comp, with only Tracer swapped for Genji. On defense, Flash Lux went for a 3 tank comp of Winston, Reinhardt, Zarya, Soldier, Lucio, and Ana.

RunAway started out with a fake out using Mei’s wall, which was first shown by NRG in season 1. In this play, the entire team would act as if they planned to flank from the left, but would then circle back around, boosting themselves up using their wall, hopefully catching the enemy by surprise. Despite getting the jump on their enemies, RunAway still failed to match NRG’s success with their strategy.

Even though their previous attempt with the hero failed, KoX stuck with Mei for the next fight. The choice to stick with Mei ended up paying off, as his team secured a team wipe in the next fight. Having only exchanged earth shatters, RunAway simply out skilled their counterparts in their second attempt at the point, trading six kills for two. With 6:23 to go, RunAway set their sets on point B.

Not wanting to spend any more time at the temple than necessary, Haksal and co. took to point B posthaste. Despite losing their Ana right away, RunAway focused Veil’s Soldier 76, denying him the opportunity for a fight winning nano visor. With the main threat out of the picture, RunAway had no trouble finishing the rest of Flash Lux off. As the defenders poured back in, RunAway focused them out one by one, resulting in an easy map win.

Final Score

Oasis: RunAway win 2-0

Eichenwalde: RunAway win 3-0

Temple of Anubis: RunAway win 2-1

Cover photo via OGN GLOBAL (


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