Game Recap

Map 1: Lijiang Tower

Game one kicked off at the tower’s Night Market with aggressive 2-2-2 comps on both sides. Although both teams went with a standard core of Genji, Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio, Afreeca red chose to play it safe with and Ana.On the other hand, Lunatic Hai added a combative flair by running Winston and Zenyatta.

Lunatic Hai came out of spawn swinging thanks to Zunba’s rapidly charged Zarya. With an almost immediate 50% charge, Lunatic Hai’s new addition set himself to work, immediately killing or zoning most of Afreeca, as his team cleaned up the stragglers.

As their percentage slowly ticked up, Lunatic Hai continued to rout the enemy at all opportunities. Due to the added damage output from Ryujehong’s Zenyatta, and Miro’s ability to counter the enemy Genji pick with Winston, nowhere was safe for Afreeca Red.

As their opponents were about to win, Afreeca desperately rushed the point, hoping to get a miraculous fight and regain control. Despite their best efforts, Afreeca’s players were routed from the point once again, putting Lunatic Hai up 1-0 on the map.

In the following round, the two teams faced off on the tower’s Garden, running mostly the same heroes. Considering how well it worked for them on the first point, Lunatic Hai stuck with the same choices. In similar fashion, Afreeca Red elected to only switch their Zarya for Winston, in hopes of mimicking their opponents’ results.

Lunatic Hai launched an immediate offensive once again, but failed to match their previous success. Despite an early death from their Zarya, Whoru and Leetaejun chose to continue going in, which lead to a punishing reaction from TyDolla’s Genji.  With both flanking threats out of the way, Lagerman’s Winston was able to freely leap onto his remaining enemies, forcing them to retreat. With the point now under their control, Afreeca Red looked to turn the momentum in their favor, as they herded their opponents closer to their spawn.

As Lunatic Hai sat pinned by their spawn while Afreeca racked up percentages in both their ultimates and the objective, it was clear that something had to be changed. As their opponents drew close to 30% control, Lunatic Hai swapped Zarya for, in the hopes of breaking free from the opposing team’s choke hold.

It seemed that this switch was just what Zunba and his team needed, as they wrestled to take back control. Thanks to the pressure relieved by the newly present mech in the front lines, Whoru’s Genji and Miro’s Winston wasted no time in splitting up then hunting down their foes. With the control point now in their hands, Lunatic Hai found themselves in the driver’s seat once again.

The team who had been in their spawn just moments ago had now reversed the tides of battle, and had climbed their way up to a matching 60% control. Much like in the last round, Ryujehong continued to 1v1 the enemy’s threats on Zenyatta, causing enormous openings for his friends to exploit.

This dominant form continued until Lunatic Hai’s control meter approached 90%, when Afreeca Red caught a moment of opportunity. As Lunatic Hai grew more dominant, their members started to spread farther apart, making them prime targets for assassination. Seeing that Ryujehong had wandered away from the safety of his teammates, Attune’s Tracer was given an immediate nano boost, which resulted in the deaths of the opposing Lucio and Winston, as well as a forced retreat from Ryujehong himself.

As his teammates scattered, Ryujehong struggled to protect them all in his healing aura. Meanwhile, Attune darted around the objective, picking off anyone unfortunate enough to leave the safety of Ryujehong’s transcendence. Despite regaining control, Afreeca were still on thin ice, as their opponents lost control after gaining a towering 96%.

With victory almost in their grasp, Lunatic Hai decided to drop their Zenyatta, in order to put Ryujehong on his trademark Ana. Using their now increased healing, Lunatic Hai made quick work of the opposition, and made quick work of all enemies but Tydolla, who managed to secure a double kill with his dragon blade. Unfortunately for him, Tydolla was the only remaining member of his team, resulting in an inevitable point capture.

Despite a much closer second round, Lunatic Hai still managed to sweep the game, and secure a 1-0 lead heading into the hybrid map.

Map 2: King’s Row

Afreeca Red were the first to attack, using their 2-2-2 comp from the first game (, Zarya, Tracer, Genji, Ana, Lucio) against Lunatic Hai’s Genji focused lineup of Reinhardt,, Zarya, Genji, Ana, and Lucio.

The first engagement was a contest of DPS players, as both team’s Genjis took down the opposing supports. After the initial back and forth, Afreeca found themselves with the advantage, as Tydolla killed Whoru in a battle of Genjis. From there, Tydolla continued to whittle away at the enemy’s remaining tanks, eventually leading to an easy point capture.

Things initially looked to be continuing in Afreeca’s favor, as their Genji, Zarya, and pushed past the payload, and dropped the returning Ana and Zarya. Despite looking set to take more kills, Tydolla’s moment of glory was short lived.

Not willing to be shown up by the enemy Genji, Whoru responded by wiping all four of Afreeca’s members in the fight, under the cover of Leetaejun’s As the two pushed onward in the hopes of finding more kills, the tables were turned yet again.

As soon as the two members of Lunatic Hai rounded the corner, they were met by Tydolla’s nano boosted Genji, and Attune’s Tracer. As Afreeca’s two DPS players took the attention away from their teammates, TakeThis used the opportunity to drop a sneaky self-destruct in the middle of the brawl.

As they pushed closer to the mid-map checkpoint, Afreeca  dove forward,combining a graviton surge from Lagerman’s Zarya, and a dragon blade from Tydolla’s Genji. Seeing that their teammates had fallen prey to Afreeca’s combo, Zunba and Whoru attempted one of their own. Unfortunately for them, TakeThis anticipated the assault, and absorbed Zunba’s ultimate with a well-timed defense matrix.

In an effort to regain their footing, Lunatic Hai gave Leetaejun’s to Zunba, in order to put him onto Pharah. Their efforts were ultimately for naught however, as Afreeca Red immediately dropped a sound barrier, in order to secure a 4 for 0 trade.

With their payload now only 60 meters from the goal, Afreeca Red nano boosted Tydolla yet again, as he and Attune killed most of the enemy as they filed out of spawn.

Even with his entire team dropping around him, Whoru went for a last minute switch to Tracer, which allowed him to stall long enough for reinforcements to arrive. As his teammates returned to the fight, Whoru returned to spawn, in order to now provide more consistent damage on Soldier 76.

With their forces now rallied at the final choke point, Lunatic Hai were finally able to stop their bleeding. After not making much of an impact since switching, Leetaejun’s Pharah was able to make a difference, as he opened Afreeca’s front line up using his rocket barrage. Following his ultimate, Leetaejun elected to change out his Pharah for Winston, in order to better stall for his team. On the other end, Afreeca Red also  swapped for Reinhardt.

It seemed that Afreeca got the better of the hero trades, as they made quick work of the final fight, allowing them to get a full-push in overtime.

No taking their turn to attack, Lunatic Hai decided to return to their Pharah pick, with a 2-2-2 comp of, Winston, Genji, Pharah, Ana, and Lucio. On the defending side, Afreeca Red returned to their combo heavy 2-2-2 of Zarya,, Genji, Tracer, Ana, and Lucio.

After grabbing a few early kills, Lunatic Hai started to be repelled by  Lagerman’s Zarya. After a minute and a half of not being able to get back in, the fan favorites discarded their Pharah and Winston, instead going for a more in-meta Reinhardt and Roadhog.

As soon as their new composition hit the streets, Lunatic Hai were swept by  Tydolla’s Genji once again, as he took to their team with a nano blade combo. Although he was ultimately stopped by Zunba’s, Afreeca’s rookie Genji managed to take four of his opponents lives in exchange for his own.

Following another minute of stagnation, Leetaejun chose to take a new hero yet again; this time picking Tracer. It seemed that Lunatic Hai’s DPS shuffling had finally paid off, as their Tracer and Genji finally secured the necessary kills to get the payload secured.

Shortly after starting to escort the payload, Lunatic Hai were met with another drawn-out fight. After about a minute of back and forth kills, and tanks standing sturdy on both sides, Whoru and Leetaejun finally managed to break through the stalemate for a second time.

With about a minute left on the clock, Red stopped the payload yet again. In the hopes of immediately destroying the enemy’s blockade, Whoru dove in with a nano blade, targeting Afreeca’s Ana. Although  he did manage to secure his target, Whoru’s efforts were outclassed by Attune’s on Tracer.  With his enemy’s primary threat elsewhere, Attune was able to scurry between the enemy tanks, sending them all back to spawn.

The clock was now down to 30 seconds, and Lunatic Hai were growing desperate. As the opposing Genji made quick work of both their Zarya and Ana, the game was looking all but over. In the heat of the moment, Whoru dove towards the enemy with his dragon blade in hand, aiming to salvage the game with an all-or-nothing ultimate.

In the end, Whoru’s gambit proved effective, as he miraculously picked up four kills for himself. Now carrying the momentum, Lunatic Hai had 6 ultimates to Afreeca’s 0, going into the final leg of the round. Using their ultimate advantage, the attackers were able to start the fight out on the right foot, allowing for an easy cleanup from their DPS duo. With the payload fully pushed, Lunatic Hai ended the round a mere 3 seconds away from overtime.

With only a minute in their time bank, Afreeca chose to open with a standard 2-2-2 comp of Zarya,, Tracer, Genji, Ana, and Lucio, versus the defending 3 tank comp of Reinhardt,, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Ana, and Lucio. Afreeca gained early ground in their push, but were met with measured play from Lunatic Hai, and were methodically wiped out after hitting the objective. The second push was met with the same measured play, and resulted in an uneventful round for the Freecs.

Now hoping to prevent a tie, Lunatic Hai mounted their attack with a dive comp of Winston,, Genji, Tracer, Lucio, and Ana. On the other side, Afreeca stayed on their heroes from the prior round. After immediately noticing an overextended, Lunatic Hai’s entire team rushed to the opposing backline, and assassinated their Zarya.

With the numbers now in their favor, Lunatic Hai converged on the still spread out members of Afreeca, and put themselves up 2-0 in the series.

Map 3: Volskaya Industries

Afreeca Red chose to go to Volskaya industries for their third game, in the hopes of securing a comeback. Red stuck to their previously played 2-2-2 comp for their turn on attack, while Lunatic Hai shifted to a damage heavy 3 tank lineup of Roadhog,, Reinhardt, Genji, Ana, and Lucio.

Afreeca Red wasted no time in getting to the objective, and promptly took to capturing it. Although Tydolla was caught by a hook from Leetaejun’s roadhog, he was saved by a clutch shield from Lagerman on Zarya, and was able to take his aggressor down as a result. As this was happening, Whoru and Zunba managed a kill apiece on Afreeca’s and Ana, but their efforts weren’t enough to take back the fight. Once Tydolla had returned to his team, he and Attune got to work killing Lunatic Hai’s stragglers once again. Despite Whoru’s best efforts to keep the point contested, he too went down, resulting in Afreeca’s seizure of the first point in just over a minute.

With an arduous seven minutes of defense ahead of him, Leetaejun changed heroes yet again, this time going for Soldier 76 over Roadhog. Meanwhile, Afreeca took advantage of their immense time pool by biding their time and recharging their ultimates, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

A seeming opportunity showed itself after two minutes of threatening an attack, as Attune found Leetaejun’s Soldier away from his team. Unfortunately for his team, Leetaejun actually severely underestimated Soldier 76’s ability to heal through damage, and went down in the 1v1. At the other end of the fight, TyDolla had already committed to the fight, with his dragon blade, Quatermain’s sound barrier, and Navi’s nano boost active. Due to Attune’s early death however, he found himself outgunned by the enemy’s Soldier and Genji. The last remaining member of Afreeca, Takethis tried his best to fly away on, but was removed from his mech by a snipe from Ryujehong.

As the dust cleared, Lunatic Hai were left with their and Reinhardt ults, against Zarya and Tracer ultimates on Afreeca’s side. There was still no progress onto the second point, with five minutes remaining.

Hungry for a comeback, Afreeca immediately poured back towards the point, this time taking down four opponents with an excellent big bang combo from their Tracer and Zarya. After falling in the initial exchange, Miro returned to the fight on Winston, and quickly made sure to remove Tydolla from the fight. Now missing their Genji, Afreeca’s remaining members fell prey to Leetaejun’s tactical visor, which he managed to charge during the fight

There were now 3 minutes on the clock, with Afreeca’s bar at the 1/3 mark. It seemed that the round’s attackers were growing impatient, because they ran head on into the point yet again, despite not having any ultimates available. Afreeca’s bold strategy initially paid off, with a triple kill going to Attune’s Tracer, but they were unable to fight through the enemy’s sound barrier. As his enemies attempted to fight on, Leetaejun was able to respawn as Tracer, and make quick work of his overextended foes.

With only a minute left and nothing to lose, Afreeca launched a hail Mary assault. By using a center-stage self destruct from Zunba, Lunatic Hai easily defended the point, resulting in a successful round.

Now playing the defenders, Afreeca Red finally switched up their hero choices, and put Tydolla on Sombra. As for the assailants, Lunatic Hai brought out the more offensive dive comp in their arsenal; Winston,, Genji, Tracer, Zenyatta, and Lucio.

If Afreeca had any notion that Sombra would be an asset in the coming push, their misconceptions were quickly dispelled by their rival squad. As soon as they arrived at the point, Lunatic Hai killed almost all of their enemies in the blink of an eye. Before the twitch chat could even get out their first “Sombra in 2017 LUL”, Tydolla had already changed back to Genji.

Hoping to translate their stomp on the first point into an easy capture, Lunatic Hai immediately charged towards their second objective. Even with an initial two picks from Whoru’s Genji, the all-star attackers were ultimately forced away by Attune’s pressure, and Lagerman’s unwavering objective defense.

With their ultimates now charged from the last offensive, Lunatic Hai launched a second assault straight away. Following an unfruitful combo of their transcendence and dragon blade, Lunatic Hai ended up running from Takethis’ self-destruct, only to be caught in Lagerman’s graviton surge.

The timer was now down to five minutes, with no progress made onto the objective. Seeing that their previous strategy wasn’t going to net the results that it had on the previous point, Lunatic Hai redesigned their comp. Whereas they’d previously gone with an all-in dive team, Lunatic Hai would make their next attack on Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zarya, McCree, Ana, and Lucio.

After dropping 3 members in their first attempt with new heroes, Lunatic Hai further adapted by trading McCree for Soldier 76. This switch seemed to finally hit the spot, as Lunatic Hai managed to make their way into the middle of Volskaya’s factory. Once on the point, Miro and Zunba managed to secure the first tick on the objective, but were eventually forced off by Attune’s pressure on Tracer.

Despite being wiped from the point yet again, Lunatic Hai refused to give up, and stormed their way onto the point yet again. Thanks to two solo kills from Ryujehong’s Ana, Zunba and co. forced their way onto the goal, and obliterated Afreeca’s remaining members.

Since Afreeca failed to capture the second point, Lunatic Hai’s success meant a 3-0 series victory.

Final Score

Lijiang Tower: Lunatic Hai wins 2-0

King’s row: Lunatic Hai wins 4-3 in time bank

Volskaya Industries: Lunatic Hai wins 2-1


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