Game Recap

Map 1: Ilios

Map 1 opened with a clash of Tracers on  Ilios’ Ruins. Both teams started with a fairly standard dive core of Winston, Tracer,, Lucio and Ana ,but their comps were distinguished by unique sixth picks. Meta Athena’s comp took a more long-lasting approach with a Zarya pick, while BK Stars doubled down with an aggressive Genji.

Although Meta Athena’s star players Hoon and SayaPlayer drew first blood, their opponents promptly turned the tables. After their enemies’ initial pair of kills, BK Stars’ superior target prioritization won them the first skirmish, along with control of the point. Presumably in hopes of countering the enemy Winston who had just laid waste to their back line, Meta Athena opted to swap their for a Reaper.

As the timer neared 80%, Meta Athena finally broke through the enemy’s defenses using a perfectly timed graviton surge from Hoon, which netted his teammates a clean five kills.

With the point now under their control, Meta Athena managed to defend until over time. Unfortunately for them, the now-defending squad got too eager to close out the game, and lost both the fight and the point to another nano blade from Carpe’s Genji. After being wiped out in their seeming victory lap, Meta Athena’s members scattered, and were dropped one by one as the overtime timer ticked down to a 1-0 lead for BK Stars.

The second round took place on lighthouse, and was a face off between two differently styled 3 tank compositions. With an overlap of Ana, Lucio, and reinhardt, Meta athena choose to take a single DPS centric Tracer and Zarya combo, versus BK’s more consistently damaging DPS and pseudo DPS picks of Soldier 76 and Roadhog.

Thanks to Sayaplayer’s spot on Tracer play, Meta Athena won the initial fight for the point, and held control for a majority of the round. After Sayaplayer wiped their entire team out with a sneaky plant of Tracer’s pulse bomb, Bunny and his team opted to mimic the enemy’s comp. Although their switch did earn them temporary control of the point, BK were quickly wiped out by a combination of Hoon’s Graviton surge, Sayaplayer’s pulse bomb, and Libero’s self destruct, which brought the rounds back to 1-1.

Now finding themselves on well for the final round on Ilios, Meta Athena stayed on their protect the Tracer comp, and BK Stars reverted to their dive comp that took the first round. The initial battle was a back and forth between the two teams, but eventually went to BK stars. Thanks to an early kill in his Tracer mirror matchup against Sayaplayer, Bunny  was able to leap to his team’s aid, and ensure a clean point capture.

After BK’s initial victory, fights continued throughout the map, as the teams traded kills, and their lead continued to tick upwards. In the middle of the chaos, Sayaplayer found revenge in a 1v1 against Bunny, and was able to turn the battle in his team’s favor, cutting BK Stars’ progress off at 45%.

After taking the point, Meta Athena were able to win the subsequent fights thanks to a lucky pick with’s ultimate, combined with several quick kills from Sayaplayer’s Tracer. With no way for their opponents to regain their footing, Meta Athena’s explosive ultimate combinations earned them  a hard-fought victory on Ilios.

Map 2: Hollywood

For their second map, BK Stars chose Hollywood as their Assault/Escort. Starting out as the aggressors, they opted for an aggressive 3 DPS comp of Pharah, Winston, Tracer, Genji, Ana, and Lucio, versus Meta Athena’s more standard Reinhardt,, Roadhog, Zarya, Ana, and Lucio. After failing to make a dent in the opposing defenses, BK Stars wasted no time in swapping their DPS picks for, Reaper, and Roadhog. Despite the changes to their composition, BK’s assaults continued to be shut down by Hoon’s team catching graviton surges, and Libero’s devastating self destructs. With only 30 seconds left to take the point, BK Stars made one final gambit by switching reaper for Soldier 76, but fell short of capturing the point nonetheless.

With the lofty goal of capturing a single point, it was now Meta Athena’s turn to attack. Now sporting a Hanzo in place of their previous pick, Meta Athena rolled over the defending BK Stars, and captured their objective on the first push. After an anticlimactic stomp on Hollywood, the score was now 2-0 in Meta Athena’s favor.


Map 3: Temple of Anubis/Oasis

After a quick loss in game 2, Bk Stars decided that it was time to play a relaxing 20 minutes of Temple of Anubis. Finding themselves as the attackers once again, Bunny and his teammates decided to revisit their Pharah team comp from the previous game, against Meta Athena’s same 4 tanks. BK Stars came out of the gate swinging, with Pharah launching an aerial assault, and the Genji Tracer duo cleaning up on the ground. Using their two pronged assault, the now-validated 3 DPS comp obliterated the opposition, capturing point A on their very first push.

After about six minutes of the map’s infamous stalemate scenario, BK Stars finally found their opening in the final minute. At this point, BK had shuffled their way onto A 2/2/2 comp of Reinhardt, Zarya, Tracer, McCree, Ana and Lucio, while their opponents remained on their original tanks. After finding both Alpha’s Reinhardt and Hoon’s Zarya completely overextended once again, the struggling aggressors seemed to have finally found a way in. In the end, Meta Athena’s Lucio player Kris was able to deftly wall-ride around his aggressors’ attacks, and managed to stall until reinforcements arrived, and stopped BK Stars short of the temple’s elusive point B.

With the roles now reversed, the second round saw Meta Athena trying their hands at an equally aggressive composition to BK Stars’. Using their team of Winston, Pharah, Widowmaker,, Ana, and Zenyatta, the newly appointed attackers came out of the gate swinging. After the initial burst of chaos, BK stars remained calm and withstood their opponents’ barrage.

In their next attempt, Meta Athena opted to swap their Widowmaker, Winston, Ana and Pharah for a hardier Reinhardt, Zarya, Lucio and McCree. After failing their first approach with the new comp, Meta Athena managed to find an opening on their second foray, thanks to Kris’ transcendence finally being charged. After a series of hard-fought brawls, Hoon managed to secure the point for his team, thanks to a clutch graviton surge.

Following their victory on point A, Meta Athena managed to capture the first tick of point B, thanks to SayaPlayer’s quick reflexes on McCree, and Kris’ transcendence being used once again. With their second of three ticks almost lost, BK Stars managed to wrestle back control, using a combination of Zarya and’s ultimates.

In their next push, Meta Athena mounted another flanking offensive, now with Sayaplayer back on his reliable Tracer, and Hoon switching from Zarya to Winston. Although they did manage to get back on to the point in the last few seconds, Meta Athena were quickly forced off by Bernar’s high-charged Zarya attacks, and a well-timed charge from Alarm’s Reinhardt. Shockingly enough, a game on Overwatch’s completely balanced  control map Temple of Anubis ended in a tie, with neither team managing to capture point B. Due to this shocking turn of events, it was now time for a tiebreaker on a single king of the hill point.

This time around, that point was Oasis’ Garden. Both teams took to the garden with a Winston, Tracer,, Lucio, and Ana on each side. In order to round out their composition, BK Stars decided to return to their tried and tested comp from the very first round, and locked in Genji. On the other side, Meta Athena chose to go with Reaper, in the hopes of countering Winston, who was running rampant for both sides throughout the series.

Although the Tracers on both sides played incredibly, Sayaplayer’s team seemed far more coordinated in the first fight, and took control as a result. This seemed to remain true throughout the game, as BK Stars trickled in haphazardly, only to be picked off one by one. Ultimately, this lead to Meta Athena taking the tiebreaker point with a score in a complete shutout, despite Bunny’s attempts at solo heroics.

Final Score

Illios: Meta Athena wins 2-1

Hollywood: Meta Athena wins 1-0

Temple of Anubis: Tie on original map, Meta Athena wins tiebreaker 100-0




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